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One feature absent in the TYPO3 form extension is logging of form data. Now this is a piece of cake thanks to the new formlog extension proudly brought to you by Pagemachine:

The development of the extension was sponsored by TÜV Hessen and is successfully used in production.

The formlog extension provides a custom finisher which can be added to all of your form definitions. It automatically stores all form fields and their values in the database.

Form log module

Of course, simply storing form data is only half as exciting as actually viewing, analyzing and exporting it. That’s why the formlog extension comes bundled with a new backend module boldly named Form log:

List of form log entries in the formlog module

This module lists all form log entries across the whole TYPO3 instance sorted by the date of their submission. In addition to the basic columns shown by default you can easily add more columns based on your form data with a few lines of TypoScript setup.

You can browse through all entries in the module and filter them by page title or date range:

Date filter showing a date range picker

You can also apply multiple filters at the same time. This makes it very easy to e.g. get a list of form submissions for the page „Contact“ within the last month.

Exporting form log entries

As a cherry on the top the module allows for exporting form log entries, either to CSV or Excel (XLSX):

Menu showing CSV and Excel export options

Any filter applied to the list of form log entries is respected for the export, too. And you can configure additional columns to add to the export separately. This way you can keep the columns in the list to the bare minimum but export a full-blown data set with all columns you need.


You can install the new extension easily from Packagist with Composer:

composer require pagemachine/typo3-formlog

If you don’t use Composer yet (you really should) you can also find the formlog extension in the TYPO3 Extension Repository.

Happy logging!

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